Grape Molasses (Organic)


Grape molasses, also known as grape syrup or petimezi, is a natural sweetener made from concentrated grape juice. It has a thick, syrupy texture and a rich, fruity flavor with hints of caramel.

Health Benefits

Organic products are produced without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.Our company manufactures various kinds of Organic products from Carob, Grape and Pomegranate.

Methods of Use

As sweeteners in hot and cold drinks, as a drink diluted in water or milk, in cakes, pies, crepes, waffles, cookies, buscuits, buns, mizithra, as a bread spread, in pilaf, salads, roasted vegetables, risotto, pasta, sea food, meat, poultry, yoghourt, ice-cream, feta cheese, cereals, etc.

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Grape Syrup

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